“I Thought I Was The Biggest Biznatch Here”, Apparently I Have Some Competition, Hmmm!!!

YOU Have Your Way, I Have  My Way, As  For The Right Way, The Correct Way, And The Only Way, It Does Not Exist- Friedrich Nietzsche

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I don't pretend to be something I'm not. I know I'm a Bitch, and I own that shit like a MotherFucker.

222 thoughts on ““I Thought I Was The Biggest Biznatch Here”, Apparently I Have Some Competition, Hmmm!!!

  1. aggie27 says:

    Good morning everyone, new page chatty bunch.

  2. aggie27 says:

    Hello again,see ya later already

  3. ted says:

    Hmmm… quoting Nietzscze! I’m impressed! Clever Girl…

  4. aggie27 says:

    morning all have a good one.

  5. DonnaP says:

    Good morning everyone.
    You all should check out the SS site and comment about Rupert.
    Can’t we all just get along. hehe

  6. aggie27 says:

    Franks ,give us another chance Ok.

  7. ted says:

    Here are some of my thoughts on 24…

    Just watched first 4 hrs. back to back… now I have to wait a week… it’s hard to do for sure. Great start. I thought last season was one of the best ever and this one looks very promising. So far I like all the new characters. So good to see Chloe right off the bat. The CTU chief is perfectly inept… but I think he does have a heart. I do like Agent Ortiz… I’m not sure where (or if) I’ve seen him before. Not sure what’s up with his fiance, but like her old boyfriend… perfect psychotic slimeball. I like the new Chief of Staff to the Prez… who is great as ever… but, they have to let her daughter out of jail, before the day is up. I have heard that President Logan will be back. Love the Russian Villains! Renee has really became a bad ass… loved how she removed the ‘bracelet’! Looks like Jack has to protect the ‘new Jack’. So, the thrill ride has started!

    • Ted, did I really write an entire novel on the previous page of this blog about 24….. and you didn’t even bother to read it? I’m crushed!

      Ok, so maybe 99.9 percent of what I write is BS. Agent Cole Ortiz is played by Freddie Prinze Jr. I’m sure you have seen him in movies (I know what you did last summer, Scooby Doo …LOL) and tv. I know he was on a little bit of Boston Legal.

  8. BaconBits Bob says:

    Ok, as for last night brew ha ha.

    Ted, i appreciate the back up last night, but chill the f……k out.

    Franks has a right to his opinion and i was not arguing the point he was making, he was just equating the complaints on here about piddly bullshit with the problems in Haiti.

    An earthquake in Haiti was devastating mainly because of the building standards in a nation of people who live in poverty and the building would be considered way below our standards.

    I was just making a comparison between what Haiti is going thruough to what people here in Houston went through after the Hurricane.

    I have lived through three disasters, Eathquakes, Hurricanes and Tornado’s. Believe me I know the devistation of a a disatorous event.

    In the US we have a means to survive and recover. In Haiti, there loss is beyond words. It will take years if at all to recover and not knowing when the next Hurricane will blow through. They live on “Hells Little Half Acre” and get more disaters than anywhere else in the world and have very little means to recover.

    So Ted, Go sit on a twister and franks c’mon back man, we kike you here!!

    Bill (Snakebit Sal)

  9. BaconBits Bob says:

    We like you also! LOL

  10. DonnaP says:

    Snakebit Sal, you bad ass you. remind me not to cross you because I a scared a you. hehe

  11. Aggie, are you using a 6 character password at Sal’s? It has to be 6 characters at least. Your user name can’t have capital letters either, so I had to use justaguy-jt there. Then it rejected me because I forgot to enter my birth date… I got it straight now though. We can type in colors there!!

  12. ted says:

    AGGIE… I don’t know how you can confuse what I say so much. It’s your blog to say anything you want and I have always stood up for you and tried to help you. The only mention of BS was a reference to our friend JT’s endless babbling… and now he has the ability to use really BIG COLORED LETTERS along with his pal Frannie! Now that is scary!

    I also don’t need anyone lecturing me regarding the disaster in Hati. I have made a donation and will do so again on the telethon Fri nite. So, let’s not blow this out of proportion.

  13. aggie27 says:

    TEd, relax im just teasing you, I appreciate you sticking up for me, Thank you, I like Jt, Babbling, Lay off Ted.

  14. Yesterday I wrote a rather lengthy review of 24. Now I have watched American Idol for the first time this season and I will give my review of that too. I’ll try not to be as wordy this time………..

  15. aggie27 says:

    About AI, That Amy was kind of crazy throwing herself on the floor like that and wiggling her boobs , But she was funny. Charity, was good, That Curley guy was ridiculous, that high voice was pretty funny. Brian, The Tiny tim Guy was weird I think he was serious strange guy. I couldnt believe when harold started crying, OMG, try and embarass yourself more. John was good he has potential, page also has potential. i didnt see some of the others.But it was pretty good for chicago.

    • Aggie… that was the worst AI I have watched. I have watched 5 seasons (missed the first 3) and I am tired of the audition process. I used to think some of the crazies were funny… I guess I am over that now. I’ve seen it all.. there is nothing new about them. Then they don’t even show the decent ones because they don’t have time to do both. I think i may have to join Ted and wait til they get further in…. I do like it then. I like to watch early to see if I can spot my early favorites. I am usually pretty good at that…. but tonight was just too painful to watch.

  16. ted says:

    JT… I didn’t acknowledge your 24 comments yesterday… well done! Much the same feelings for me. Good recap of characters. I’m liking them all. I think Hastings is perfect. Really pisses me off. I always record all shows like this. Not only to cut out commercials, but to replay key parts and good action scenes. I’m checking out ‘the hand’ again.

    I start watching Idol when they get down to the final 10.

    Glad you are checking out 24 Aggie. It’s a good destination on Monday nights.

    • franniep2 says:

      All Renee cut off was the thumb so the bracelet would slide off.

    • Same here Ted.. plus I edited out the commercials and might watch the whole thing again before Monday. It’s only 2hrs and 42 minutes without commercials and previews. I think I caught everything, but when I re-watch, there always seems to be some stuff I missed…. or at least didn’t think anything of the first time through.

      How about Cole putting his life on the line when Devros had a gun pointed at his head? OMG!! He tells CTU that the suspect is with him! …….then Jack blows his ass away!! Great stuff!

  17. ted says:

    Aggie… I know you like Rupert… which woman are you rooting for pm SS20?

  18. aggie27 says:

    I dont know yet Ted, I will have too see who I like on there.

  19. franniep2 says:

    Hey Ted…did you see my post about the hand thing?

  20. franniep2 says:

    What’s with the Frances post?

  21. franniep2 says:

    Hey Ted….Why do I need to be moderated again on SS blog. I posted right before and the darn thing went through. What am I doing wrong?

  22. franniep2 says:

    Where did y’all go? I come here and everyone scatters….I am beginning to take it personal. FINE…….. be that way

  23. franniep2 says:

    I know….I just visited another blog ????? LOL

  24. franniep2 says:

    I know…I like to mix things up a bit

  25. ted says:

    Okay… you guys have to be here… didn’t see your hand comment FP.

  26. ted says:

    Did it say you were being ‘moderated’? It’s never said that for me… just didn’t post.

  27. franniep2 says:

    I said Renee cut the thumb off so the bracelet would slide off

  28. franniep2 says:

    I did not but Tim told me…I closed my eyes for a split second

  29. DonnaP says:

    Anyone else think that Hassan is too good to be true. I don’t know why yet, but I don’t trust him..too nice and welcoming.

  30. No, didn’t see her slide the bracelet off. She started cutting… then when they came back he was laying on the floor with a bloody hand.

    • franniep2 says:

      But it looked like the hand was there and only the thumb was gone. That’s all it took for the bracelet to slide off. Didn’t need more than that

  31. aggie27 says:

    It looked pretty bloody too me, like it was more than a thumb.

  32. franniep2 says:

    Saw your thumb off and see how much blood you would lose….OUCH

  33. BaconBits Bob says:

    the thumb is gone, no hitching a ride

  34. franniep2 says:

    It’s late for me….I’m old JT. I can’t even type on a good day

  35. ted says:

    Thank you Donna… that has been bothering me about Hassan. but I could not bring it to the forefront of my thinking. Something is up there… and I think it involves why his wife feels that way about him. I’m sure the hand was cut off.

    For my dear friends on the BBS… :lol

  36. franniep2 says:

    No you’re not sorry JT

  37. ted says:

    What the hell!!! 🙂

  38. ted says:

    🙂 😉 😀 Not anymore… hahaha!!! 😦

  39. to settle this hand/thumb business… I am looking at a freeze frame of the scene right now. I can see all 4 fingers through the blood. Then they pan over to his thumb laying beside him.

  40. ted says:

    Frannie… did you ever do a Gravatar on WordPress?

  41. ted says:

    Thank you JT… 🙂

  42. aggie27 says:

    you guys what a bunch of candy assses gimme a break

  43. If cutting off his thumb was her way of helping him… I can’t wait to see what she does when she is pissed at him!!

  44. ted says:

    What are you talking about Aggie??? I wanted the whole hand to go!

    Thank’s for letting me know that AI was in Chicago… I tuned in top see the start for the views of Chicago. Great to see again. 8)

  45. ted says:

    I meant to do this one😯

  46. ted says:

    OUCH Just saw Amy Lang on AI! 😦 Time to go read a book! Night all!

  47. aggie27 says:

    Just a thought Ted I think if there was a contest, you would definitely be more candy assish than me , love ya any way though.

  48. Time to go watch episode 2 Aggie (True Blood)… I’ll peek in before bed.

  49. aggie27 says:

    let me know what you think JT.

  50. franniep2 says:

    Night JT

  51. BaconBits Bob says:

    frannie has an av on SS

  52. aggie27 says:

    Hell I wish I had one BoB

  53. franniep2 says:

    HOW FUNNY…Sal is as happy as I am….Now he doesn’t have to listen to me bitch anymore

  54. franniep2 says:

    lol at Ted

  55. ted says:

    Okay… upon further review… it was the thumb with the lower part. She used a grinder, not a saw, and could not have cut off the hand with that. I’m not sure she could have even cut off his thumb the way it showed either, since the guard was on the grinder. I loved Renee’s retort to Jack at the end. Yes, he is kinder and gentler as JT says.

  56. FRANKS says:

    Aggie, you made me think of something when you mentioned blood and guts in movies or TV. There was a show on one of the cable channels last year that followed these people around that are hired to actually go to ‘Crime scene locations’ after the police and C.S.I. are finished gathering evidence and ‘clean up’ all the blood, gore and whatever else is left behind. “Crime Scene Cleanup”.

    They also go to places where someone may have died of ‘natural causes’ and the places have so much trash and filth that you could not see the floor of the house or apartment.

    This is a link from Youtube about someone who committed suicide, and the clean up afterwards.

    • aggie27 says:

      Very interesting watching that, What a job ,I dont see how people Do that. I dont mind see that stuff in a movie, but a real life situation is totally different. Franks welcome back, you are not a fifth wheel ,I dont know why you thought that.

  57. franniep2 says:

    Franks…I really want to open that up but maybe I should wait until tomorrow. Welcome back Franks

  58. FRANKS says:

    Thanks Frannie.

  59. franniep2 says:

    OK…off to bed I go…One last round to the blogs. Night Franks and whoever else is around

  60. FRANKS says:

    Goodnight Frannie!

  61. FRANKS says:

    Prepare to be scared—

  62. franniep2 says:

    Morning JT

    • aggie says:

      Ted, you really like to torture me dont you, but it was funny anyway. EWWW

      • aggie says:

        Well I did fall on my ass once, Man I laughed So hard I almost pissed myself, because i had to go to the bathroom, then my friends kept laughing, I actually told them at one point if you make me pee, i will rip your BALLS OFF. It did make them shut up, believe it or not.

    • aggie says:

      actually Ted I will be going Skating tonight, I know you like too know my where I am, actually Im a pretty good skater, I have only been doing it since i was a kid, Looking forward to the laughing when I fall on my ass at least once. but the impact isnt so bad when your wearing a down jacket. see ya later.

  63. BaconBits Bob says:

    Did anyone check out the baby videos?

  64. BaconBits Bob says:

    Did anyone see the video of the baby?

  65. ted says:

    Didn’t see any babies in the 2 videos Franks sent. Would not want to do crime scene cleaning! Great movie about that though… SUNSHINE CLEANING… very poignant with Amy Adams, Emily Blunt and Alan Arkin.

    • FRANKS says:

      Ted, I didn’t see ‘Sunshine Cleaning’, but I will put it on my list! The show that I was refering to was a documentary that followed a ‘Crime Scene Cleanup’ crew around for a few days. What is seen in the video that I put up is only the ‘tip of the iceberg’.

  66. FRANKS says:

    I want to say ‘THANK YOU’ for all the ‘kind words’ that you people expressed to me over the last 36 hours. And I do mean ‘THANK YOU’!

  67. BaconBits Bob says:

    Snakebit Sal January 20, 2010 at 1:39 pm
    Survivor Palau’s Jenn Lyon has died
    Survivor Palau »
    by Andy Dehnart / January 20, 2010, 8:28 AM
    comment »
    Fourth-place Survivor Palau cast member Jenn Lyon died yesterday. She was 37, and is the first of Survivor’s 301 cast members to die.

    Cast members revealed the news and mourned her loss on Facebook and Twitter. Anthony Robinson wrote, “Jenn Lyon passed away this evening. The world is a bit diminished, and denied one of the most beautiful smiles ever to grace Survivor.” Eliza Orlins wrote, “2/27/72-1/19/10 Jenn Lyon brought more good to this world in her almost 38 years than most will in a lifetime. Jenn, I’ll miss you. R.I.P.”

    Jenn was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in 2005, and wrote about her “radical bilateral mastectomy” and other treatment. A year ago, a fan made a video that compiled footage of her on the show, set to sad music:

  68. BaconBits Bob says:

    Damn ………… One more time .. HERE

  69. ted says:

    Hey… where is everyone???

    Well, I just watched Episode 1 of Big Brother 11. Kind of different crowd from Survivor in a way. A little silly, but catty enough to like. So far so good. One thing… I Hate Jessie!!! I have never hated any Survivor… I may have really disliked a player, but never hated. I like Natalie… Jordan… and I don’t like to admit it, but Jeff too. Oh, I like the phd. I’m pretty open to everyone else, except not wild about the martial arts guy and Laura so far.

    Had trouble finding it and had to watch on U-tube, which was kind of blurry. Anyone… JT… know somewhere else to find it? CBS sucks.

  70. ted says:

    WOW… what a workout!!! Just watched the first week of BB11… 4 episodes. Pain in the neck on u-tube with 5 parts per. That is a brutal show! I definitely like Jeff. I do think Jordan is kind of dumb, but she did try to engineer a coup against Chima. That Ronnie is pretty devious, but not as smart as he thinks he is. Still liking Natalie… and I like Lydia a lot. Don’t like fake tits, and thats all Laura has going for her so she’s not a fave. At least Jordan’s look somewhat real. I do like Little Miss Phd. Haven’t decided on Casey. Kevin will be fun to watch have hissy fits. HATE Jessie! And saving the best for last who is worse than Jessie… RUSSELL!!! Don’t know his last name, but he is a Skank for sure! A bigger muscle head than Jessie if that’s at all possible. Can’t wait to see his swagger cut off when his ego is deflated and he is brought down to Earth. I can not imagine this is who you are referring to Aggie. Didn’t care about Brendan one way or the other.

    • aggie says:

      aCTUALLY ted its not brendan its Braeden, He is kind of cute and looks good naked nice eye candy, not a bad guy, just a goof who has done gay porn. russell was brought on the show to play the loud mouth villain, but if you saw the after show interviews ,he is actually a good guy. Jeff got pretty mean at times too jordan on the show, he has quite a temper i didnt always like him, but after the show he seemed, like a great guy.

  71. ted says:

    Well… you know I like my villains, just not muscle heads. He may be a nice guy, and I reserve the right to change my mind. I did hear that Jeff was mean to Jordan and a jerk, so I was all set not to like him… but I do so far. But, I can not deny your right to have your ‘boy toys’. I do wonder at times when all you girls talk about is male eye candy! You know that I am only interested in the superb gamesmanship on these shows. But, of course, if they ever moved Survivor to Alaska I would have to quit watching!

  72. ted says:

    Good night Aggie… sleep tight, etc.!

  73. aggie says:

    Ted, if you saw the after dark stuff that they didnt have on the show ,you would see that jeff could be pretty mean ,great eye candy he used to be the shirtless gardener guy ,and all the girls on there loved too stare for sure.

  74. aggie says:

    There was jesse and lydia who supposedly had sex, im not sure I think he is gay.

    • *Barf* @ Lydia and Jesse’s Sexcapades and Toe Jams!

      • aggie27 says:

        I should have said Handjob, Jesse isnt going to have sex with a woman, she even said he was like a 4, as far as alover goes.

      • franniep2 says:

        Ted…I liked Lydia at first until she sided with Jessie and then she was put toward the bottom of my list. Jeff and Jordan were an item and I would have liked to have seen Lydia and Russell connect. RUSSELL…..good looking and bald, need I say more? I’m gald you’re giving BB a try. It wouldn’t surprise me if it becomes your number one. It is the best reality show on TV.

    • You should have said Foot Job… remember the uncomfortable scene where he kept kicking her in the crotch then Toe Jammin’ her… ugh!

  75. OMG my Insomnia is driving me insane!

  76. ted says:

    Well, I think I can guess who ‘Adoption of Jane’ is!!!

  77. aggie27 says:

    hey guys this page is done, theirs a new one.

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