“Happy New Year Everyone,” Have A Blast!!!!!!!

Does anybody have any New Years Resolutions? One good one would be to let as many people as you can think of, Know exactly how you feel about them, because life is short, you never know from one moment to the next, what could happen. I say that because, my Father passed away, Before i got the chance to tell him how i felt about him ,and i always regretted it, I will make sure that never happens again. Make the Most Of The New Year, Try to leave Old Bad Habits ,Behind Β You. I hope you have a great time Ringing In The New Year, Later Guys, LOL, Β  peace Out, Aggie

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I don't pretend to be something I'm not. I know I'm a Bitch, and I own that shit like a MotherFucker.

270 thoughts on ““Happy New Year Everyone,” Have A Blast!!!!!!!

  1. aggie27 says:

    Good Morning, On this way to cold day, See ya later.

  2. AC says:

    Is it New Years already? Yawn, goodnight aggie. 8)

  3. Snakebit Sal says:

    Damn, that means another birthday, my 40th Class reunion, and God only knows what else.


  4. Snakebit Sal says:

    Any Mizzou alums here?

  5. franniep2 says:

    ahhhh aggie….great opening for this page. Don’t worry aggie, your
    father knew exactly how you felt. We don’t always need words to
    let those we care so much about know how we feel.

    And as far as a New Years Resolution….if I did make one, I would
    probably break it before the end of January. So…I resolve not to
    make a resolution this year.

    Any one else care to share theres???

  6. ted says:

    Nice job putting up a new page Aggie. That was good thinking to put an alert on the old page. Well I am joining Holly and tendr in trying to be organized and actually exercise.

    I would post my New Year’s Resolutions for all of you, but you would just get mad.

  7. DonnaP says:

    Hi Guys, hope Santa was good to all. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Party Time heee haaaw

  8. SnakeBit Sal says:

    Donna baby, you did it

  9. pknute says:

    since 2010 will never come again
    this is for Ted born way back when
    we all know laughing goes hahaha
    but the 50th time translates to blah
    So I resolve on News Years Day
    to give old Ted the time to say
    just how he thinks we can improve
    so we can tell him no thank you

    Happy New Year!

  10. tendr says:

    hugs aggie. I know what you mean about your father. i need to tell mine how much i care….we had a horrid relationship. the only time he touched me all my life was to hurt me until one day he put his arm around me when i was forty-freakin-nine yrs old and we were at his and my mom’s ann party…and he made a teasing comment about me getting old…and i honestly thought he thought i was my sister (the good one) then he said my name. I was shocked. he was never gentle with me verbally or physically before and a part of me was insulted. as odd as that sounds i felt molested in a way. how dare he put his arm around me (this mean person) and yet a part of me always wanted a daddy i could trust and not fear. not be terrified of. i knew something was wrong though becuz this was not my father. i told my mom. she said i was being silly. i said NO, i bet he’s had a stroke. she blew me off until he complained of a panic attack and sure enough after tests the drs said he had had a stroke and a heart attack in the past (near past) i knew he was acting different.
    NOW, he’s pitiful. no one to be afraid of and it kills me to see him. confused yet gentle and i have hugged him but i turn into this child that has to do it quickly then run out the door. i hate him for not being my daddy when i was four and five and needed that…or six or ……any age but why now?
    now that he hardly remember’s most of what he says or does?….enough.
    i was hoping you were going to give me permission to tell my ex what an ass he is and was. and let air out of his tires or tell his ex that one of his best friends he talks to now is a woman he cheated on me with…but i’ve kept my mouth shut. and i think it’s given me an ulcer. (you can kinda laff here)
    no one else will see this will they? lol……….hugs again. hug me alot…i got some stuff from bath N body works.
    is to get in shape. at my age it’s not easy.
    i’m in a “shape” (jabba the hutt comes to mind) but i want to change that shape WITHOUT ending up in physical therapy sessions (as i have before)
    and i want to be able to let ppl “in” more. guess i get tired of the ‘judging a book by it’s cover’ so many ppl do.

    sorry…..i’ve just had coffee…you don’t have to bribe me or turture me to make me open up…just some espresso will do the trick.

    • aggie27 says:

      Tendr, i think its good to get everything off your chest, i always do, i cant just be girl next door ,and just shut up, its just not me, good luck to you, all the best.

  11. tendr says:

    up there i meant tell my ex’s new perfect wife……i’m the ex…she’s the one living in my house. funny sometimes how we make life plans and they just don’t turn out.

  12. aggie27 says:

    Tendr, sorry to hear about your father, My father and i had a strained relationship most of my life, we probably didnt get along because we were similar people overly opinionated, stubborn and tempermental. But we did get closer when he was older and ill with pakinsons and alsheimers, he was not the same person anymore, he was just this more mellow quiet person. We were all deeply saddened when he passed, but it was a blessing for him he really suffered he was ill 20 years. Tendr Hope you have a great New year, LOL, Peace out, Aggie

  13. aggie27 says:

    Now for you Jt, I just have to say it ,DO YOU EVER CHECK YOUR EMAILS, I think you do once a year, i do not know how you do that, mine is loaded up with junk everyday, i have to clear it out, just a hint Jt.

  14. aggie27 says:

    Just wondering Fran said, she could not open hers, im going to have to let assholes know about that.

  15. happy new year..keep smiling always:-)

  16. franniep2 says:

    tendr….you told me in an e-mail that some day you would open up
    and talk about yourself. You were waiting until you felt more
    comfortable. Well, I’m glad that day has finalyy got here for you.
    It’s not easy talking about your personal life to people. Trust me, I
    know. There are things I have never told a single person. Some of
    which I will probably take with me to my grave. It jus seems easier
    to hold some things in. I am proud that you took that first step to
    recovery. I’m sure you feel a lot better now that you did so.
    Anytime you want to talk, you know I will always be there for you.
    You know I will always repsond to your e-mails, even if you just want
    to say hi. Later girl…………Peace out

  17. pknute says:

    Aggie came out of the box prewired.

  18. pknute says:

    Have a Happy New Year Aggie… Do you like my new avitar to welcome in the New Year?

  19. pknute says:

    OK… where is my new avitar? I hope it didn’t get buried in the snow.

  20. aggie27 says:

    Oh no say it isnt so ,you didnt use that pic, Omg.!!!!!

  21. pknute says:

    How about if I say it is so… Cropped to perfection bringing out all the best.

  22. aggie27 says:

    You just love to torture me dont you, maybe my friend will pay smart ass a visit.

  23. aggie27 says:

    Thanks for ruining my evening, i have to go out at 9:oopm, Thanks Friend.

  24. pknute says:

    Now you go and have a great New Years Eve and welcome in the New Year.

    When Irish eyes are smiling,
    Sure, ’tis like the morn in Spring.
    In the lilt of Irish laughter
    You can hear the angels sing.
    When Irish hearts are happy,
    All the world seems bright and gay.
    And when Irish eyes are smiling,
    Sure, they steal your heart away.

  25. aggie27 says:

    Oh Phillip, your so good to me pal, im regretting giving you the pic i should have known, what was i thinking.

  26. aggie27 says:

    Are you getting back at me, for the old fart comment ,did you forget i like old farts.

  27. pknute says:

    Would I really do that Aggie… only if you asked me too… I didn’t so there…
    Nice pic though you have to admit…

  28. aggie27 says:

    Thank you ,really you had me worried a little

  29. pknute says:

    Erin Go Braugh…

  30. aggie27 says:

    Its not saint paddys day, Phillip

  31. ted says:

    β™ͺβ™«β€’* 2 0 1 0 ΚISSES *β€’β™«β™ͺ AGGIE!!!

  32. franniep2 says:

    Happy New Year everyone

  33. tendr says:

    happy new year everyone……aggie anything else i say too serious, will prob be in email. sometimes i need to censure myself. i like the silly me better but you just hit a nerve with the dad thing……..and i think we kinda understood each other. my father was abused horribly and brought that to fatherhood and i was kid one of four, so it’s a good thing i have the mother i have though at times i felt she could have stepped in…..back then wives just didn’t….i did..and now since i did it pretty much help cost me my marriage and the kids don’t even remember alot of what ‘mom’ did to prevent them from hearing and seeing what i did and now he’s the grand dad that’s fun and the grand dad that’s cool and the grand dad with the money and i’m just the mom that constantly told them right from wrong. would have been nice to hear from my kids tonight..would have been.

    • franniep2 says:

      tendr…you can always talk to me too…but I’ve already
      told you that. Feel free anytime…you hear? Talking to
      others relieves alot of stress. We have enough stress in
      our lives and that’s what friends are for. Take care V.

  34. aggie27 says:

    Happy New Year Tendr, I hope you feel better, It always helps to get things of your chest, feel free to email me anytime,Peace and LoL, Aggie

  35. Snakebit Sal says:

    Happy New Year Y’all

  36. aggie27 says:

    another cold day in chicago, at least no snow so far, Have a good day everyone.

    • franniep2 says:

      It’s cold here today too. 12 degrees in St. Peters, Mo.
      but with the wind chill it feels more like 8 degrees.

  37. pknute says:

    Must be a lot of hangovers today to go along with Aggies wine breath and Frannie’s beer blasts…

    Happy New Year because it is a new year and better happy than any of the other alternatives…

  38. aggie27 says:

    How do you like the new look? any comments, I think it looks pretty sharp, I also liked the name of it, its called chaotic soul.

  39. franniep2 says:

    Personally aggie….I prefer the other. Whichever one
    you decide to go with…I’ll go with the flow.

  40. aggie27 says:

    I think its good to keep the darker colors this time of year, i will go lighter when the weather gets warmer, iliked this alot it looks sharp, even the name was cool, sorry you dont like it fran, i get bored i like to change things alot, I like the other one alot also ,i totally agree with that. its a new year, this is a nice change i think.

  41. aggie27 says:

    Good to see you passed the test Jeff Taylor, Now all you have to do is keep remembering to check ,i still think its once a year, Just a gut feeling thats all, if im wrong i will apoligize.

  42. tendr says:

    woo, it’s dark in here.
    will be on more when i’m alone and not having to
    constantly tend to someone or something.
    i swear if i couldn’t enlarge this i wouldn’t
    be able to see it (plus bi-focals)
    don’t get me wrong i like it dark..my typing isn’t
    showing up as bright as the blog.
    started my diet today….i am drinking low sodium
    v-8 juice…almost half the carbs (sugar) of orange juice.
    I KNOW..i didn’t realize it. but i have to tell myself..yum,
    this is good and good for me….don’t barf..don’t barf..

  43. Snakebit Sal says:

    Aggie, you still giving people a hard time?

  44. tendr says:

    OH and i’m so glad this is informal chat since i’m
    wearing my neices pink panther pj’s.

  45. Snakebit Sal says:

    I thought it was clothing optional in here!

  46. aggie27 says:

    Im not giving people a hard time Sal just some constructive criticism, I like Jt, what are you talking About?

  47. aggie27 says:

    sal, it is clothing optional, you betcha.

  48. aggie27 says:

    Your good Jt, dont worry, now shut up

  49. aggie27 says:

    I cant believe i still have wine breath from yesterday ,how much mouth wash do i need.

  50. aggie27 says:

    Now you need to ditch fozzy bear Jt, come on, put something more meaningful.

  51. aggie27 says:

    I thought i was immature ,it seems like someone is a 5year old, At least the scream mask was more grown up, just a thought.

  52. ted says:

    Hey Aggie… Like the new look! Would still ditch the snow. And what’s up with you bossing your readers around???

  53. ted says:

    I see that old hack PK is still trying to be funny at my girl’s Aggie and Frannie’s expense. Where did you go last night? Any bars I know?

  54. ted says:

    Hey JT.. two weeks to go!!!!!

  55. aggie27 says:

    I guess i am bossy today, but i dont understand the whole sesame street thing ,i wasnt really into it as akid, i liked some cartoons thats about it.Not trying to be mean Ted, dont worry do you like the little boy stuff too.

  56. aggie27 says:

    No i wouldnt accuse you of that, dont worry.

  57. aggie27 says:

    good thinking, Jt.

  58. I never watched Sesame St, Mr Rogers, Romper Room, or any of those as a kid. I just think the pic of Fozzy is funny.

  59. aggie27 says:

    Whatever you say jt, she says with a smile on her face.

  60. aggie27 says:

    Actually that franks guy ,thought it was funny, that i called him cranky pants.

  61. aggie27 says:

    Where did you go Ted, are you back at Tedbook

  62. aggie27 says:

    I just liked cartoons, i wasnt into any of that.

  63. aggie27 says:

    When did ted get rid of it?

  64. aggie27 says:

    ha doesnt want to do it anymore, whats up?

  65. aggie27 says:

    AHHH Teddy im going to miss you.

  66. Here’s something you’ll like to chat about Aggie…. I was PISSED when I found out that Rene was the killer on season 1. He wasn’t in the show much… but he seemed like a pretty cool guy.

  67. aggie27 says:

    Are you talking about true blood, that guy was alittle weird.

  68. He wasn’t weird til the end. Before that he seemed like the stable one of the bunch…. even tempered.. good friend.. nice to his girlfriend. Yes, he turned out to be really weird.

  69. aggie27 says:

    Yeah rene turned out to be quite a freak, even his girlfriend said some stuff about him.

  70. Season 1 is On Demand now. The first 6 episodes of season 2 will be on there starting Jan 11th. Then the last 6 episodes of season 2 will be on Jan 18th.

  71. aggie27 says:

    How abouy sexy jason ,love that guy.

  72. aggie27 says:

    I dont usually like reruns, but i watch that show over and over, are you liking it.

  73. aggie27 says:

    Whats with the eye roll

  74. I wanna see what’s up with the rich chick that has a pig…

  75. aggie27 says:

    YOu dont have to like jason, but i do

  76. aggie27 says:

    O man she is great on there Michele forbes that is a good season

  77. aggie27 says:

    Jason does naked real well.

  78. aggie27 says:

    The woman with the pig has a connection to sam merlotte.

  79. aggie27 says:

    OK you dont like naked guys gotcha ,but jason is a good character.

  80. Am I way off base? Or does Anna Paquin’s (sp?) acting and accent on the show remind you a bit of Holly Hunter?

  81. aggie27 says:

    Yeah she has to have the southern accent, isnt anna welsh.

  82. aggie27 says:

    I think season 2 was probably best michele is a good actress.

  83. aggie27 says:

    Actually i like eric nortman the best.

  84. aggie27 says:

    I dont know when that starts.

  85. aggie27 says:

    actually the sam character is pretty cool.

  86. aggie27 says:

    I dont watch on demand ,so its just reruns that come on.

    • I love on demand. Especially while Big Brother was on. I couldn’t record all that I wanted to see and watch BB too. So the next day I could just watch shows that I missed on there.

  87. aggie27 says:

    Anna has a whole new look ,i remeber her from the piano which i really liked.

  88. aggie27 says:

    Anna already won a golden globe.

  89. aggie27 says:

    I bet you like anna Naked, just a thought.

  90. aggie27 says:

    From what i heard anna and bill are engaged.

  91. aggie27 says:

    Are you jealous of Jason ,he does have a killer bod

  92. I don’t get the whole romantic angle with vampires. I know it goes back hundreds of years, but the ladies really need to explain that one to me.

  93. aggie27 says:

    You never bit someone on the neck ,i think thats why i like that show, its pretty sexy period.

  94. aggie27 says:

    Thats why people think that whole thing is sexy, their is some pretty gory stuff in second season.

  95. aggie27 says:

    I just like all vampire stuff ,even the old christopher lee stuff.

  96. aggie27 says:

    Do you know who andy is Jt?

  97. aggie27 says:

    Do you like the show, do you think its good?

  98. Top 10 reasons why I don’t get the attraction to vampires..
    10) They are very pale.
    9) They sleep all day.
    8) They seem to get angry easy.
    7) They don’t eat pizza.
    6) Never trust a guy that doesn’t like garlic toast.
    5) No fun days at the beach to be had.
    4) You’d have to watch Days Of Our Lives all by yourself.
    3) THEY’RE DEAD!!
    2) A body temperature of around 70 degrees… yeah, that sounds cuddly!
    1) You think wine breath is bad? How about blood breath? Ever seen one brush their teeth or gargle with Listerine?

    (also… in the bed department. No heartbeat.. no bloodflow. I wonder how they work around that one… just sayin’)

  99. aggie27 says:

    Hey if their were such a thing they wouldnt be hot, but they have hot guys playing them nuff said.

  100. aggie27 says:

    all i can say its hot vampires on tv.

  101. The guy that plays the coroner has been getting around. I first saw him on Cold Case, now I think I have seen him on just about every show out there.

  102. aggie27 says:

    on the show vampire blood, is an aphrodisiac, and non vampires try to get V.

  103. aggie27 says:

    If you saw dracula with Frank Langella ,he was a very sexy charismatic guy in that movie.

  104. Funny, that night that you told me that I should be able to find something to watch.. I looked on demand and that’s when I saw True Blood. I watched the whole season in just a few days.

  105. aggie27 says:

    see theirs is always something ,even old classic shows i watch the munsters sometimes.

  106. aggie27 says:

    Who is your fave character?

  107. aggie27 says:

    Their are actually freaks out there ,who try to be vampires.

  108. aggie27 says:

    I also love the gay black guy

  109. aggie27 says:

    now you have to watch eastern promises, when its on cable, it has been on a few times, its great you wont be sorry.

  110. aggie27 says:

    I dont get freaked out by 2 girls ,just different strokes for different folks thats all.

  111. aggie27 says:

    yeah i know, their not pretty i got it.

  112. aggie27 says:

    no i wouldnt say that, i dont want an effeminate boyfriend.

  113. aggie27 says:

    IT looks like i will have to change this page soon.

  114. aggie27 says:

    Be bold Jeff Taylor,learn to deal with the sex stuff ,theirs alot of it in second season of true blood.

  115. aggie27 says:

    Ok i guess i wont win this one, so be it.

  116. aggie27 says:

    YOu know their is an actor with the name Jt Taylor.

    • I did not know that. I know it is a very common name. There is another Jeff Taylor at my work and was a 3rd many years ago. Curt Russell’s character in a movie was Jeff Taylor. And this Christmas I saw a commercial with my name in it. I think it was Verizon or Sprint. It was a woman elf on an assembly line calling out names. She yelled my name and it startled me!! LOLπŸ˜†

  117. aggie27 says:

    THis guy the actor was kind of creepy, didnt look like a jeff You know.

    • I heard of JT Walsh. He was in the movie that Curt’s character was named Jeff Taylor. I can’t think of the title or the actress that played Curt’s wife… maybe I’ll look it up real quick.

  118. aggie27 says:

    I think jeffs are usually pretty cute, Like Jeff schroeder for one.

  119. aggie27 says:

    JT walsh great character actor, who did pass away.

  120. The movie was Breakdown from 1997. Not a great movie, but not bad.

  121. Yeah, but then you get the Dahmer and Gilloolys mucking up the works!

  122. aggie27 says:

    Actually dahmer is creepy, but i didnt really think he was ugly, jeff gillooly was thats 1, Jt.

  123. aggie27 says:

    Generally most jeffs are cute ,I always liked Jeff Bridges he looked hot in against all odds.

  124. aggie27 says:

    ACtually the movie on cable about dahmer was good.

  125. Is it really cold there too Aggie?

  126. aggie27 says:

    Jeff Bridges is just a cool guy ,has a good sense of humor also.

  127. I wonder where AC is?

  128. aggie27 says:

    00ps I almost said your full name again, Jt, it was nice talking to you, see ya tommorrow. sorry for the name thing, i guess i like the name.

  129. And this concludes over 160 comments in a row made by just Aggie and I… hope y’all enjoyed!! (AC, that’s your cue for the eye roll)

  130. AC says:

    πŸ™„ Vampires, gays, Jeffs, blah.

  131. franniep2 says:

    Thanks aggie….so much easier to follow and see this now.

  132. aggie27 says:

    Hey guys their is a new page this one is done.

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