319 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Mr WordPress says:

    Hi, this is a comment.
    To delete a comment, just log in, and view the posts’ comments, there you will have the option to edit or delete them.

  2. Justaguy (JT) says:

    WTF? …Aggie gets her own special little blog? Now I’m jealous.. Hi Ted.

  3. Justaguy (JT) says:

    WTF? ..I’m being moderated here?! AGGIE! It’s me…. JT. I’m ok.. you don’t need to screen me! LOL

  4. ted says:

    Congratulations Aggie… I’m jealous too. She beat us all to the punch, JT!!! She’s even changed her avatar. There is going to be no stopping her now!

  5. aggie27 says:

    I think its funny does anybody else have this i guess i must be special then Right AC, just you and i the special ones. he, he,

  6. ted says:

    So AC has one too!!! Now I’m pissed!

  7. aggie27 says:

    ted, i dont think he does, i dont see a line under his name, im loving it that people are jealous because i would be pissed.

  8. Cynthia says:

    Aggie how the hell did you do this??? WTG!!!!πŸ˜†

  9. ted says:

    No he doesn’t . You said he was special, so I thought he had one… I checked. I just saw the movie Avatar… don’t miss it. You should really go to Frankie Z’s bar… you would like the place. What part of Chicago do you live and what parts do you hang out at?

  10. ted says:

    You know, Aggie, when you have a blog you are supposed to write something. It’s not a chat room. So I am expecting you to come up with a few thoughts now and then. Something about your day and what you are doing or like or think about. It’s your place to do what you want and shine.

    Did you see there is a tiny ‘smiley face’ at the bottom of the page? Not liking that!

  11. aggie27 says:

    TED, I GO TO iRISH bARS, IM FROM NORTHWEST SIDE OF CHICAGO, WHEN I WAS YOUNGER WE LIVED ON THE NORTH SIDE, MY CHANCES OF RUNNING INTO old friends is in my own area Nw side.I also like alot of irish music.

    • ted says:

      The first bar I went to in Chicago was Kelly’s near DePaul. My daughter was going to school there and I took a cab from O’hare and met her there.

  12. aggie27 says:

    Thanks Ac, i appreciate the kind words.

  13. aggie27 says:

    The weird thing is i did not do this ,I appreciate it that someone did, love ya as a matter of fact. now i will really have some fun. mad props to whoever did it.

  14. SnakeBit Sal says:

    WTG Aggie

  15. AC says:

    Aggie fix your time zone.

  16. aggie27 says:

    Ac, this is all new too me, i would have no idea how too do that.

  17. aggie says:

    I will check with my sister, maybe she can help me with that.

  18. aggie says:

    interesting sal, we have similar avatars, hummm

  19. DonnaP says:

    WTH. Bye

  20. pknute says:

    Since this is Aggie’s blog, several topics may be of special interest to her:

    1. Irish pub reviews and locations in the Chicago area

    2. To wax or not to wax

    3. Customized neighborhood watch just for Aggie called Ted Watch

  21. aggie27 says:

    Really funny Phillip, I dont think you ever really got over the waxing comments, you should try it sometime you just might like it.Ted and i have a truce now, so he is ok with me now.

  22. aggie says:

    Really Phillip, the wife might just like a newly smooth Phillip, you have to please the lady in some many ways.I could get more graphic, but i will just leave it alone now.

  23. aggie says:

    No i do like ted, He just knows how to make me mad, and he does it.

  24. pknute says:

    Aggie… Don’t blame Ted for that.

    Irish and Mad… Interesting combination…

  25. aggie says:

    Yeah i go a little mad sometimes, so what ,we irish are quite hot tempered we sure are.The other day when i was unable to post on the new blog i got so pissed, i thought my head would explode, i had to leave my house and walk for hours too cool off.

  26. aggie says:

    Ted knows how too push my buttons, and he doesit very well, I hate too admit that really.

  27. aggie27 says:

    Phillip, try waxing just once ,you know you want too ,be smooth like ababy.

  28. ted says:

    Oh No!!! I knew it was only a matter of time before ‘The Bag of Wind from Down South’ found the ‘Blond Blogger’!!! When he bothers you just say ‘Pog mo thoin’… that’s what a girl from Ireland I worked with at the Tap & Growler in Chicago taught me when I wanted to annoy one of the Irish waiters there.

    What’s happening in Chicago my BFF? Big storm coming your way! You may want your sister to go to Gravatar and set up your avatar… I don’t know why your claddah ring is not showing up, but this is a generic one. Sal had it to, which is really weird. At least your’s is Green.

    • aggie27 says:

      Ted, I think Sal was trying to tell me something by having a similar avatar, i have no complaints, the man did me a huge favor, I would not want too diss him about anything.

  29. pknute says:

    Aggie… As the moderator of your blog, you can delete Ted’s fuddy duddy, coming from someone well over 60, totally out of touch with the mainland comments whenever your wish.

    Merry Christmas Cutie, and I can’t wait to say “Erin go braless” on New Years Eve…

  30. pknute says:

    Aggie… did you set the clock on here? It is only 6 hours off for our Central Time Zone so not bad for your first blog.

  31. C'est Moi says:

    I’ll bet the real reason you made a truce with Ted was just so he wouldn’t bore you to death just before Christmas.

  32. aggie says:

    Love you guys but i have no idea how to fix the clock, im not sure my sister would know either ,of course you guys do, Ted that white Xmas thing tou sent i almost pissed myself, i laughed so hard, where did you get that.

  33. aggie says:

    Ted, is truly hilarious, i would not want too moderate him. Possibly if i were mad at him, but then again, how could i stay mad at Ted.

  34. hollygurl says:

    Congrats on your own blog Aggie! Now I have multiple stops in cyber space to make. How am I going to get anything done? Well, it’s gonna be busy the next 2 days so if I don’t catch you in cyber space, have a VERY Merry Christmas!

  35. starfish says:

    WTG Aggie, this will keep you busy for sure. Where do you all find the time? Congrats again!

  36. ted says:

    β™«β™ͺMay The Miracle Of Christmasβ™ͺβ™«β˜ΊΒΊΒ°Β¨Β¨Β°ΒΊβ˜Ί
    β™«β™ͺBring You Everlasting Happinessβ™ͺβ™«β˜ΊΒΊΒ°Β¨Β¨Β°ΒΊβ˜Ί
    β™«β™ͺWishing You And Yoursβ™ͺβ™«β˜ΊΒΊΒ°Β¨Β¨Β°ΒΊβ˜Ί
    β™«β™ͺA Very MERRY CHRISTMASβ™ͺβ™«β˜ΊΒΊΒ°Β¨Β¨Β°ΒΊβ˜Ί
    β™«β™ͺAnd An AWESOME 2010 β™ͺβ™«β˜ΊΒΊΒ°Β¨Β¨Β°ΒΊβ˜Ί…!

  37. aggie27 says:

    Morning all, have a good day.

  38. pknute says:

    Merry Christmas Aggie. May Santa bring you everything you desire without knocking the tree over on you on his way out…

    • aggie27 says:

      merry Xmas Phillip, Oh i think santa will be very nice too me, i was naughty and nice ,great combo dont you think ?you know like sugar and spice, it works for me, what about you my dear?.

  39. pknute says:

    Aggie… I’m more naughty 75% than nice 25% so I had my undercover elf at the North Pole install my super magnet system to Santa’s sleigh. Once he gets withing 10 miles of Mobile, the high powered opposite pole magnet on my roof will pull Santa, his sleigh and everything I probably shouldn’t be getting directly to my chimney at warp speed. Hope Santa likes the cookies after all that.

  40. aggie says:

    Very funny Phillip, I agree with you about the naughty part.

  41. franniep2 says:

    aggie….Have a Merry Christmas.

  42. franniep2 says:

    Awaiting Moderation????? Who’s in charge of that?

  43. pknute says:

    Aggie… Can we talk while Frannie is being moderated?

  44. Justaguy (JT) says:

    Well, I see that Aggie’s blog is running strong. Aggie, do you send us e-mails when a new post is up?πŸ˜† How about a little background snow here?πŸ™„ All in all, I think it looks pretty good. I’ll try not to talk sports here… I KNOW WHO’S IN CHARGE!!

  45. aggie27 says:

    hey everyone let me know what you think, i like the black background i think this looks pretty sharp.the other one was a little boring.

  46. aggie27 says:

    Believe me inspite of what some of you might think ,im not totally brain dead, I do have a few thoughts, sometimes surprising ones, I just like too take my time thats all, Im a no hurry type of girl.

  47. pknute says:

    Hey no hurry type of girl, fix the clock so we don’t keep getting ahead of ourselves when we look at the time after we post.

  48. Justaguy (JT) says:

    Good morning Aggie and all of Aggie’s faithful followers. Merry Christmas to all! We got snow yesterday and are getting hit again pretty hard as I type. Could make for an interesting drive for me…. I gotta leave in about an hour. Just enough time for the roads to be really f’d up.

    WOW Aggie!! I like the black! I also like the orange. The gray comment box w/ white letters looks pretty good too. A little snowfall on here would look awesome!

    Hey Ted…. you know I’m just teasin’ about Aggie letting you in here. I knew you’d laugh at it…. or I wouldn’t have wrote it. Aggie welcomes all.

    Ok folks… I have to get a few things ready for my drive….. snow shovel.. snow boots.. gloves. “Over the river and through the woods” is not the route I usually take.. but with all the snow on the roads, I have to be prepared for it!!


  49. pknute says:

    Merry Christmas to everybody in Aggieland.

    And please remember, Ted, that Merry Christmas is what we say on this sacred holiday, not the festive name of the inflatable babe you keep hoping to find under your tree

  50. aggie27 says:

    And a Merry Xmas to you Jt, Yeah i like the Dark background, I thought the white was a little boring ,they had several choices on here ,i liked the black best, i liked others also ,i probably will change it again, But first i better fix the freakin clock, before someone else says something about it.Have fun Jt, I will be going too my mothers house later.

  51. ted says:

    Merry Christmass Blond Blogger!

  52. ted says:

    p.s. keep up the good work… looks good… no snow please!

  53. pknute says:

    Just remember Aggie that the clock on your blog does not have a big hand and a little hand

  54. AC says:

    aggie. set your time to (GMT)-6 hours for central standard time

  55. franniep2 says:

    Wow….seems as if everyone is blogging at 7:05 now. WTF.

  56. pknute says:

    Looks like Aggie said “stop it” to the clock this time and it worked.

  57. Justaguy (JT) says:

    Just got home from my parents a bit ago. It was a good Christmas. The roads weren’t that bad and everybody made it on time. Tyler was loving it! He is 17 months old, but he knows what opening presents is about! He ripped right into them…. really cute.

    Is it still 7:05 here?

  58. Justaguy (JT) says:

    Yep…. still 7:05am on Christmas day. If it is 7:05 am, that means I better go wrap those couple of gifts that I always put off til Christmas morning…. It’s like Groundhog’s Day in here!!

    ………… it is 10:20pm

  59. aggie27 says:

    Hi Jt, im glad you had a good time I was at my mothers house as well ,everything went well ,Xmas is definitely for kids, they do enjoy it the most, and should get the most gifts.

  60. Cynthia says:

    AGGIEEEEEEEEE!!! Love the blog GF. Also love the NO RULES part. Count me in babe!! I’m in here. Bookmarking this blog right now.πŸ˜†

  61. aggie27 says:

    Well i got the snow on here, they only said till January, i wonder why.

  62. aggie27 says:

    Cynthia, glad you like it ,hopefully i will get the time thing at some point.And change the avatar, i dont really like the one i have.

  63. aggie27 says:

    Ok If anyone knows how to fix this friggin clock, let me know in the easiest way possible ,because seriously my sister is ready to punch me out, because i have been bugging her about it ,.and neither one of us can do it.

  64. AC says:

    Ok, I’m back. Is it still 7:05? πŸ˜†

  65. aggie27 says:

    Thanks Ted, Nobody wants to help, even my sis wants too kill me.

  66. aggie27 says:

    hey Ted ,i got the snow on here ,i know how much you like that.

  67. ted says:

    My Dear Blond Blogger… even thought you have pissed me off with the snow… I am going to help you, since I am apparently your only BFF and the only one with the intelligence to figure out how to set the time… Of course I had to set up a blog to do it! There will be no snow on my blog!!!

    Here is how to do it:
    1… Go to top of this page and click on ‘my dashboard’
    2… On ‘my dashboard’ page, go down on lefthand side to ‘settings’ and click on settings
    3… That goes to ‘general settings’… find ‘time zone’ at middle of page
    4… Click on hours… adjust the time zone back -4 hours
    5… Go to bottom of page and click on ‘Save Changes’
    6… That should do it… Good Luck!

    I will e-mail you my blog name, as my blog is by invite only… anything goes on my blog!

    Your true BFF

  68. aggie27 says:

    Thanks alot Ted and Ac, I will try what both of you say, to see what will work, Ted I have to say i think its a mistake to have a private blog ,it seems a little snobby to me ,like a facebook kind of thing, Oh well your choice, Thanks again.

  69. aggie27 says:

    Ted, I saw the option for invitation only, i chose not to do it.

  70. aggie27 says:

    Ted, i tried it now its stuck at 8:o1 ,WTF, is the problem i did exactly what you said ,this is going to make me crazy.

  71. pknute says:

    Let’s see what time it is now in Aggieland

  72. pknute says:

    I say 21 gun salute for Aggie… She discovered time

  73. hollygurl says:

    Thank God Christmas is over!!!!

  74. ted says:

    Aggie… it looks like you are on the right time… 11:48am it is 9:49am here on west coast.

  75. Justaguy (JT) says:

    Ok… so Aggie got the sands through the hourglass moving again! Good job! And we have snow here too!

    First Donna Rose stepped up to be “Mystery Blogger” (although it was never a mystery to me). Then Sal stepped up to take over SS blog. NOW we have Aggie’s blog! You are in elite company Aggie… be proud! We are all proud of you!

  76. ted says:

    Hey Aggie… thanks for coming to TedBook! I’m so glad you relented… Looks like you fixed the time okay… now we have to work on your Avatar.

  77. aggie27 says:

    no it is still not right Ted, its wrong in places, oh well im not gonna make myself crazy with this.

  78. aggie27 says:

    I wanted to change avatar too, it was easier to do it on Sals sight, i dont know what the hell the problem is.

  79. ted says:

    Aggie… are you looking at old posts times? The problem with replies is that they mix new with old and the times don’t mesh. Right now it is 6:21 pst… so we will see what it is on your blog when I post it right now!

  80. ted says:

    SEE IT IS 8:22 ON YOUR BLOG It is 6:22 here… you are two hours ahead of the West Coast right???

  81. aggie27 says:

    On one of them Ted it says 6:19

  82. franniep2 says:

    Oh my goodness…..aggie is finally close to having the time right.
    Let’s see….

  83. franniep2 says:

    ok….me too then

    • franniep2 says:

      Hey Ted….did you ever get yours working right?

      • ted says:

        Of Course… have you looked lately? I don’t think my blog is confusing… last post is first one you see. The problem with these is the replies makes it confusing. As long as people just comment then I think it flows better. On my blog if two people are on at same time you can see it changing without refreshing. I think cuz it is like a twitter thing… I don’t know. Have to go to a birthday party now see you guys later.

  84. aggie27 says:

    Ok im waiting for Beetlejuice to show up, you know who im saying, and give me a hard time about it, I thought we were special friends AC.

  85. aggie27 says:

    NO beetlejuice is AC, you say it 3 times he appears sometimes. I dont mean that as an insult ,someone else came up with that.

  86. aggie27 says:

    Thats whats weird Ted ,the time is close ,but wrong on some of my posts.

  87. franniep2 says:

    Hi aggie

  88. franniep2 says:


  89. aggie27 says:

    No insult Ted, Beetlejuice is very ugly ,but your not, im sure Ac isnt either., Just avery weird Dude, like beetlejuice, got it.

  90. aggie27 says:

    Heres your moment to say, SHUT YOUR TRAP ,AC.

  91. AC says:

    WTH. Why does that keep happening?

  92. ted says:

    Damn that is to weird… 3X huh…

  93. ted says:

    Damn that is too weird… 3X huh…

  94. franniep2 says:

    I only see 2X Ted

  95. AC says:


  96. ted says:

    Ha… Hi AC… Of course I did Frannie!

  97. AC says:

    πŸ˜€ hehe πŸ˜†

  98. ted says:

    Hey AC… thanks for the Russell pic. I will be posting it soon. I accidentally made it my desktop pic and when I closed down I got a big pink shock… hahaha

  99. franniep2 says:

    Where is aggie on her own blog?

  100. AC says:

    Weird, your avatar only shows on VRB.

  101. AC says:

    When you upload a pic to Gravatar, do you rate it G? Or PG or something else?

  102. ted says:

    I always rate mine G… Maybe Frannie and Aggie are X!!! Wouldn’t surprise me.

  103. aggie27 says:

    They assigned me a g rating how boring.

  104. aggie27 says:

    X Rating is at least interesting Ted, never boring, G rating is for kids. we should be R at least.

  105. aggie27 says:

    Ted I will try to look into the X rating ones.

  106. aggie27 says:

    Fran, notice how the time is different where my name is

  107. franniep2 says:

    NIGHT ALL….time for this old broad to get some shut eye

  108. aggie27 says:

    night Fran, see you tommorrow

  109. aggie27 says:

    You know their is actually a blog thats called ,stuff that white people like. I thought that was pretty scary, i left a couple messages telling them, this is 2009, and their still rascist.

  110. aggie27 says:

    What is that on your avatar ted, i cant tell.

  111. pknute says:

    Aggie… I am in the process of cutting you some slack. Since you did not provide any measurements, I wll assume the slack witll be used as an outer garment you plan to wear while lounging in front of your blog to protect you from the snow, so considering your height of 5’10” I have custom cut one half bolt of pristine slack just for you.

  112. franniep2 says:

    Good morning aggie…..it’s snowing here. I’m sure you have had
    plenty already. It’s 27 degrees and they are calling for 1 inch. I
    hate to tell them but we already got that much and it’s still coming
    down pretty good.

  113. ted says:

    Just checking in to see how Crabby Frannie is this a.m.!

  114. ted says:

    Did Josh like his computer?

  115. ted says:

    Apparently the author of this blog couldn’t sleep either. Probably working on her XXX Rated Avatar!

    • aggie27 says:

      Ted, I would put an X Rating on here ,if i could get away with it, I dont like the fact that my avatar is G Rated.

      • ted says:

        But… your avatar…the ring right?… is G rated. So who cares? My avatar is with a car… that’s G too. You can set your rating anything you want. But… some sites require different ratings to see the avatar… TedBook is a XXX rated blog, so whatever you want to put on is okay with me… or take off!

  116. franniep2 says:

    aggie…Josh is my grandson

  117. Justaguy (JT) says:

    Good to see you to Aggie. I gave all of my gravatars a G rating. Even the one of Laura’s boobs! (BB11).πŸ˜†

  118. franniep2 says:

    Hey aggie…Josh is not my son, he is my grandson

  119. franniep2 says:

    aggie…Josh is not my son, he is my grandson

  120. franniep2 says:

    wow….at first my post wasn’t showing up and then….holy crap.
    They are all here. Too bad I can’t edit them

  121. ted says:

    Hey… JT… I never got to see Laura’s boobs… please post on TedBook!

  122. franniep2 says:

    wow….at first my post wasn’t showing up and then….holy crap.
    They are all here. Too bad I can’t edit them. See….I hit submit on this post and it’s just sitting here. It’s even letting me add more to it.

  123. franniep2 says:

    Ted….don’t be a perv

  124. franniep2 says:

    Tell me about it….

  125. Justaguy (JT) says:

    This is pretty comical to me. We have so many different places to post that I’m never sure where I should be. I just do flybys at all 4 and see if anybody is there.

  126. franniep2 says:

    JT…I really did hit the reply for my last post. Damn computer
    has a mind of its own.

  127. franniep2 says:

    JT….are you here yet?

  128. Justaguy (JT) says:

    I’m here now damnit… you people hide well.

  129. franniep2 says:


  130. franniep2 says:

    are you still here?

  131. franniep2 says:


  132. franniep2 says:

    I’m old JT…I can’t keep up

  133. Justaguy (JT) says:

    I’m so dizzy, my head is spinning
    Like a whirlpool, it never ends
    And it’s you girl.. makin’ it spin
    You’re making me dizzy…..

  134. AC says:

    Ok, I just hit refresh. But damn if I can find the new post. Aggie how bout starting a new topic on a new page? Just a thought.

  135. ted says:

    Hey… just got back from seeing Sherlock Holmes… pretty good flick! Can see I’ve missed nothing of interest.

  136. ted says:

    Aggie… Some people have suggested that you read a few pages of TedBook every day to help you with your blog.

    Frannie… sorry to hear you are so challenged by real content.

  137. ted says:

    Incidentally, have you been to typing school since starting your blog???

  138. ted says:

    You’ve got mail Blondie!

  139. ted says:

    Aggie… and everyone else… go to the top of the page and click on:
    ‘Are we having fun yet… etc.’ and go to the new post!

  140. pknute says:

    We all knew it would happen. Yes my dear friends, Ted is the grinch who stole Aggie’s blog.

    Should Aggie can him or totally ban him?

    Should Aggie dethrone him or vehemently stone him?

    We leave the punishment up to you Aggie.

    But remember:

    your object all sublime
    you shall achieve in time
    to make the punishment fit the crime
    the punishment fit the crime….

  141. aggie27 says:

    Phillip yes Ted likes to rub it in ,about how smart he is ,and likes to throw little digs my way, but i do still consider him afriend ,he has helped me out twice, and he didnt have to, but he did ,and im grateful for that.

  142. aggie27 says:

    PHillip, theirs anew page up, that dear Ted helped me with.

  143. Cynthia says:

    πŸ˜³β“β“β“πŸ˜³β“πŸ˜³β“πŸ˜³β“β“β“πŸ˜³β“β“ β“πŸ˜³β“πŸ˜³β“ πŸ˜³β“β“β“πŸ˜³

  144. Cynthia says:

    Just practicing Aggie.πŸ˜†

    • Justaguy (JT) says:

      Good work!!πŸ˜†

    • AC says:


  145. aggie27 says:

    hey why practice here, kind of weird whatever floats your boat girl and guy, kind of funny

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